SLo Foods Organic Café

Healthy and Hip New Restaurant Gets Top Rating

Farm to table. This new buzz-phrase in the restaurant biz (meaning organic ingredients picked fresh-from-the-farm and served at your table), is fast gaining speed as the latest, greatest new trend to hit upscale eateries. And why not? Who could argue with protecting the planet while enhancing your health? Many new to the development think taste must be sacrificed for all this “doing good.” Far from true. Flavors burst when fruits, veggies, and the right seasonings are freshest. Less fats and sugars are used to pop flavors, leaving more leeway to have that decadent dessert after dinner.

A new restaurant following this trend recently opened in Scottsdale, at the Borgata Shopping Plaza: SLo Foods Organic Café (after Simply Live Organic). There are few restaurants that successfully satisfy all elements of a good meal. This place has it all. So, tonight, no cooking in that spiffy kitchen of your Westbrook Vacation Rental.

First, the ambiance…I sat outdoors on the patio amid the tranquil sounds of a nearby fountain, with a view of flowering plants and trees. Ahhh. Next, the staff was attentive, warm and welcoming. For all you perpetual “substitutors,” who are tired of begging the wait staff to replace this with that, at SLo, they easily accommodate your dietary wishes. The proud restaurant owner, Max Mozoon, stopped by our table to make sure we squeezed the fresh slice of a juicy wild orange onto our grilled salmon, to bring out the seasoning and flavor. The fare is Persian-accented with dishes adapted from his homeland. Last but not least, this new Scottsdale restaurant has unique and delicious food…

Friends enjoyed (and, of course, I tasted), a perfectly spiced herb frittata, called kookoo sabzi. The vegetable pie was not quite my thing, but the Mediterranean Salad (a fresh mix of tomatoes, cucumbers, parsley and onions), was far superior to your same old house salad, and flatbreads were first-rate. The pear salad, with walnuts and greens in balsamic vinaigrette, was heavenly.

Seeking restaurant alternatives while shopping at the Borgata?

Try Bianco Tacos and Tequilla (with a Mexican menu), Pomo (for great pizza), and J. Alexander’s (for American fare). An even wider range of restaurant choices are available in the historic district of Scottsdale, just a few blocks away.

If you plan your visit for Friday—through April 2—the Borgata features a farmer’s market and music. Artisan breads, organic specialty produce, handmade crafts, and unique gifts are presented by a wide array of local vendors from Arizona. The afternoon is topped off with live music from 4pm – 6pm from some of the best local bands in Arizona.

Concert Schedule at the Bogata in Scottsdale, 4-6pm:


12    Pete Pancrazi – Jazz / Pop
19    Shining Star – Variety / Top 40 Covers / Jazz
26    The Spin – Variety

02    Lyn Jackson & Trio 380 – Variety


Borgata of Scottsdale
6166 N Scottsdale Rd (near the corner of Lincoln Rd.)
Scottsdale, Arizona

Guest Services: (602) 953-6538