Lions and tigers and bears—and giraffes, monkeys and rattlesnakes, too!

Voted one of the top five zoos in the nation, The Phoenix Zoo boasts over 1,300 animals, of which 200 are endangered species including the desert tortoise and the African lion.

Here, many of the animals have room to roam. The Phoenix Zoo isn’t a place where you’ll see animals cramped in small cages. Animals have a natural environment in which to live, sleep and play, which is wonderful, but certainly wear you walking shoes! (The Phoenix Zoo is 125 acres.) With kids, you’ll definitely want to hop on the train, so the little ones can see lots of different animals before they tire out and demand another ice cream sandwich or snow cone.

On the Safari Train, a narrator will point out the major creatures and critters and tell you about the day’s specials activities at The Phoenix Zoo. Announcements are often punctuated with fun tidbits about animal births, animal eating habits and other anecdotal stories of Arizona “zoo residents.” Tours depart every 20 to 30 minutes.

Monkey Village at The Phoenix Zoo

A highlight of the Phoenix Zoo is Monkey Village, where visitors walk through a simulated rainforest. Monkeys dart, leap, swing from ropes, and run right before your eyes.

Camel View at The Phoenix Zoo

Another favorite activity for you and the kids at the Phoenix Zoo is climbing atop a camel for a ride and a picture-taking opportunity.

Chill Out, Eat and Relax

When you or the kids get hungry, head to Savanna Grill for burgers, grilled chicken, and fresh salads—surprisingly good food for a big, commercial venue; or try Harmony Farm for deli sandwiches including some healthy options like a veggie wrap with whole wheat pita. Pizza’s always good at Cavern Café. There are also many lovely, shaded picnic tables at The Phoenix Zoo and many families bring along sandwiches, snacks and thermoses.

Tickets to The Phoenix Zoo:

Adults: $16

Children 3 – 12: $7

Kids under 2 go free to the Phoenix Zoo, and members go free, too.

455 North Galvin Parkway
Phoenix, Arizona
(602) 273-1341

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