The vacation rental industry has sparked a multi-billion dollar market that is growing worldwide over the past decade. Companies, such as Westbrook Vacation Rentals, assist vacation property owners in marketing and booking their vacation rental properties. We remove the hassle of managing and renting and make sure your property continues to book with quality renters, for both long and short term, insuring a steady income stream and peace of mind.

During the economic boom, may savvy investors purchased second, third, even fourth real estate properties and are now renting those properties, instead of selling them for a loss. They had not expected to rent, but their decision has brought unexpected income in a challenging economic climate, enabling them to cover or even exceed their monthly mortgage payments. Business analysts who specialize in real estate are betting that home rentals will grow even more attractive as smart travelers continue to look for ways to save money.

Sprucing up your property is a good idea, making your rental attractive to potential clients. Kitchen and bathroom renovations dramatically increase a property’s appeal. Fresh carpeting or installing easy-to-care-for wood or tile is a good bet. Fresh interior paint can make a home look clean and new. Being proactive with renovation will pay off in the long run and place your property competitively among the increasing number of quality rentals on the market.

Fortunately, Arizona continues to be a prime vacation destination, even in the downturn, and properties book fast. Both business and leisure travelers flood the market and are looking for good deals, rather than fancy resort properties, more popular in an up economy.

At Westbrook Vacation Rentals, we provide first-rate services for your properties:

  • Conduct an initial walk-through of your home and determine its potential to become a vacation rental property.
  • Advertise your property via multiple media outlets such as print and web.
  • Find renters for your home and handle all the required paperwork.
  • Coordinate the cleaning, maintenance, and other associated issues that might arise at your property.

Design Services / Staging

  • Interior Design consulting to assist you in decorating your home in order to generate maximum revenue.
  • Individual room or entire home interior design.
  • Staging services to show off your home, and help it sell more quickly.

Consulting Services

  • Seek advice regarding the best solution for your property.
  • List your home for sale while you are using it as a vacation rental.
  • Assistance with home renovation and new construction.

Let’s talk about it. We’ve been there and know how to help you!