There are many beautiful and exciting Arizona communities in which to live. Whether you relocate to Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa or surrounding cities, getting settled into a new locale can be stressful. Here’s our “top ten” relocation list to make your transition easy…

  1. 1. Find a good realtor. Word-of-mouth is one of your best tactics. Ask your employer, friend of a friend, or distant relative if they know anyone. Online resources abound if you lack contacts. Choose a reputable firm (ideally, one that specializes in relocation), and conduct a phone or face-to-face interview to evaluate if there’s chemistry. You’ll be spending a lot of time with your realtor, and you’ll want the connection to feel comfortable
  2. Locate the good schools, even if you don’t have kids. Real estate values always remain strong where schools are strong.
  3. Spend time in your community: Consider choosing a long-term rental, so you get a feel for the community you’re considering for relocation before you buy a home. Try to spend time, both day and evening, experiencing your new locale. Go to shops, restaurants, movies, parks, and more.
  4. Evaluate transportation options. Are there good buses, trains, and taxis if you won’t be driving?
  5. Establish contacts: If you’re in a long-rental, join a church or temple, professional organization or sports team. Check the Internet or local paper for events, festivals, and things to do. You’ll have fun and learn first-hand through your new contacts about your new community.
  6. Evaluate hospitals and health care facilities Review proximity to emergency rooms and establish a health care provider for general health care issues before they arise. Have your medical records transferred soon after you move.
  7. Research the history of your community: Special landmarks, public artworks, historical buildings, and more, take on significance when you learn about their meaning and origins
  8. Find Fun: Look online or in the local paper or magazines to locate museums, art galleries, sporting events, and nightlife. Participating in local activities will help your new locale feel like home
  9. Partake in outdoor activities: Phoenix, Scottsdale and surrounding communities are renowned for golf, tennis, and hiking. You’re relocating to an outdoor enthusiast’s playground. Enjoy Arizona!

10.  Invite friends and family from back home for a visit. Now that you’re in a renowned resort town, you’ll be surprised how many friends and family members will want to visit!

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