Fresh Coat of PaintDecorating your house for some one else to stay in periodically is a bit different than decorating it just for yourself. When it comes to turning your home into a vacation home, design is an important factor to consider. Here are 10 simple ways that you can spruce up your vacation home to make sure that it’s ready for company:

1. Room by Room: Each room needs to have a different feel. Evaluate the functionality of each room and make sure that the design fits the purpose.

2. Pictures: Framed artwork that is well placed on the walls of your home can make a huge difference. It can set the tone.

3. Color: Make sure that each room is in the same color family. Details matter. Accent colors can sharpen a dull room right up.

4. Simplicity: Resist the urge to scatter too many trinkets around. Less is more.

5. Rearrange Furniture: Moving a few things around that are already there can make a room look completely different.

6. Paint: A fresh coat of paint in a room will make it look fresher. By painting it a different color, it can also change the feel.

7. Clean It: Clear out the dust bunnies and clean the windows. Pay attention to detail. People like staying somewhere clean above all else.

8. Mirrors: Putting some mirrors in a few strategically placed locations can add class and make any room look bigger.

9. Add Personality: Put your own taste into it. People like staying at a place that is unique and that they remember.

10. Hire A Professional: Westbrook Vacation Rentals has interior design services. They specialize in making your home guest ready.You can go through the steps to get your home vacation home ready but by hiring a professional it makes it a lot easier and can save time.

Whether you’re planning on decorating yourself or hiring a professional, it’s important to keep things maintained and think about what will make a good impression on the people who will be staying there.