WinterfestThat’s right.  It’s the middle of August and there’s a Winterfest going on.  That isn’t a typo. The Beat The Heat Winterfest is happening on August 28th from 3pm to 10pm.  It’s a great event for locals and people who are visiting their Scottsdale vacation homes this weekend. What’s better than a cold one at the end of August in the Arizona heat. Here is some of what this year’s Beat The Heat Winterfest has to offer:

  • Over 25 varieties of brews and spirits. Some you’ve heard of, some you haven’t.  There’s a lot to try so you may want to pace yourself (or not). These aren’t your typical dollar draft selections. Some of the seasonal beers, micro-brews, wines and spirits are even local to Arizona.
  • Located at the Venue of Scottsdale. If you’ve been there, you know it’s awesome.  If you haven’t been there yet, it’s a special event and concert facility with multiple rooms and levels.  There’s even a billiard room.
  • Live entertainment. There are five very diverse bands on the bill ranging from Brit-pop to funk. Arizona’s own Quixote who is known for their long jams headlines the evening. The bands kick off at 4:30pm so get there early.

All of this for $35 and that includes 20, 4 ounce pours!  Experience some of the best beers on the market and entertainment the entire evening.  If that’s still a little out of you price range, grab a slice at NYPD Pizza beforehand.  Tickets are $5 off with purchase at NYPD Pizza locations. You also get 1/2 off an appetizer if you buy your tickets there. Don’t eat too much though.  You’ll ruin your appetite for beer!

If you’re looking for something to do on Friday and you’re hanging out at your phoenix vacation home or if you’re local to the area, beat the heat at the Arizona Winterfest!