If you haven’t visited the Phoenix Art Museum yet this year or even if you have, this is a great time to go.  From July 1st through September 26th, The Phoenix Art Museum features an exhibit displaying the Post Impressionist works of Cezanne and early 20th century American photography that has been influenced by him.

One of the most unique features of this exhibit is the fact that 20th century American photography that has been influenced by his artwork is displayed alongside the paintings that influenced them. Alfred Steiglitz, Edward Steichen, and Paul Strand are among the American artists photographers featured.

House of Pere Lacroix by Paul Cezanne- oil on canvas, 1873Cezanne is a French painter who is very well known for his Post Impressionist works. Cezanne’s work ranges from fruit bowels to portraits and has a very unique take on everything he has painted using bright colors and unusual vantage points.  Seeing these works next to 20th century American photography is striking from the get go.

Whether you’re a fan of early 20th century American photography or Post Impressionist landscapes and paintings in general, this exhibit is a great experience.  Even if you’re not an avid art lover or have to drag along some one who isn’t much of an art lover with you, this exhibit is a great piece of Americana.  If you’re a photography lover, get there early and take in the Norton Photography Gallery as well.

As the largest visual art museum in the Southwest, the Phoenix Art Museum is a must before the summer is out.  It’s a great place to stay cool, take the entire family and make a day of it.  With general admission for adults at $10 and only $4 for the kids, it’s a great deal as well.  The museum also survives mainly on admission prices so it’s also a great way to support the community.