One of the best reasons to visit or live in Phoenix is the scenery. Phoenix has sunny, warm weather much of the year which makes it an ideal spot for enjoying the outdoors. Phoenix has some amazing parks to take in and enjoy for free. Here are some great parks in Phoenix:

Papago ParkPapago Park: Hike up to Hole-In-The-Rock which is the spot where native Hohokam devised a calendar system. Also, check out the golf course, bike trails and playground for the kids.

South Mountain: At 16,500 preserved acres, this is the world’s largest municipal park. It’s a great place to hike or just sit back and watch the sunset. Also check out their Olympic sized pool and fitness facilities.

Phoenix Mountains Parks and Recreation Area/Dreamy Draw Recreation Area:Piestewa Peak is located here which is a great place for serious hikers. It will definitely give anyone a serious workout. Once you get to the top, the view is incredible! There are also some beautiful areas to have a picnic in so don’t let the rough terrain deter you from hanging out.

Steel Indian School Dog Park: This is a great place to take the dogs with you and let them stretch out and play. It’s Phoenix’s only off leash park. It’s also a great place to wear them out so they’ll sleep on the car ride home.

Echo Canyon Trail and Recreation Area:This is prime hiking territory and easily accessible from both Phoenix and Scottsdale. It is very tumultuous however so if you’re not very experienced, you’ll want to pace yourself. The trails also give you an amazing view of the desert.

Whether you want to take the dogs out, have a picnic, watch the sunset or take a long hike in the desert, Phoenix offers some amazing parks. The next time you’re at your Scottsdale vacation home or Phoenix vacation home, check out Phoenix’s parks. The ones mentioned are only a few options!