Golfing in ScottsdaleThe view, the grass, the sunshine and the sound of your club hitting a hole in one all make golfing one of the best ways to blow off some steam.  Arizona has some of the best golf courses in the country so the next time you’re planning a golf trip check it out. Scottsdale’s own Grayhawk Golf Club offers two 18 hole golf courses for you to stretch out on.  It’s a state of the art facility offering great golf and relaxation for the entire family.

In addition to being a great golf facility, The Grayhawk Golf Club is also a great location for weddings, parties and business meetings.  You can incorporate golf into your event or just take in the sites.  For those of you who plan to frequent the club, the Black Tee Card offers discounts and guest passes.  Other than that, you can choose to pay a daily fee.

If you’re looking at making a golfing trip to Scottsdale, checking out Scottsdale vacation homes is a must. Westbrook Vacation Rentals offers the Modern Escape vacation rental which includes a free round of golf at the Grayhawk Golf Club.  Weekly rates start at only $630!

Even if you’re not a fan of golf, there is still plenty to do when staying at Sunscape Villas.  Enjoy the heated pool, the private movie theatre, your own full sized kitchen and take in the local sites while the other half if playing his 20th round of golf.

For dinner, you can either cook at your vacation home and fire up the grill or use the in home kitchen facilities.  If you’re not in the mood to cook, go to dinner at Greyhawk Golf Club’s Quill Creek Cafe or Phil’s grill.  There are also some other great restaurants within a short distance.

Grayhawk offers great golf and Westbrook offers great vacation rentals.  It’s a winning combination. Space is limited however for Modern Escape because of high demand so plan accordingly!