Scottsdale ShoppingIt just so happens that the Phoenix area has some of the best malls whether you’re looking for a deal, somewhere to wander around outside, or air conditioning.  Here are the top 5 malls to go to in Phoenix:

1.  The Metro Center Mall: Located on Peoria Avenue, The Metro Center Mall was the first two story mall to be built in the Phoenix area.  There are a lot of big name stores here from Victoria’s Secret to Sears as well as a 12 screen movie theater to send that person you dragged with you to the mall who doesn’t like shopping.

2.  Westgate City Center: This place is practically an amusement park for adults.  You can eat Mexican food, ride a mechanical bull and shop for a new pair of kicks.  You may not want to eat Mexican food before riding a mechanical bull, but it’s nice that it’s an option.

3.  Arizona Mills Mall: This mall offers outlet shopping as well as non-outlet shopping so whether you want a deal or the latest, you can find it.  It’s known as a hot spot for teen aged “mall-rats” so if that kind of thing gets on your nerves, there is an IMAX theatre with plenty of room to hide in.

4.  Chandler Fashion Center: At 180 stores, this place offers a lot of “shop-portunities”.  it features big department stores as well as a diverse group of smaller stores, many of which offer clothing selections.  Go there for the clothes or just the A-shaped building.  Get lost with a credit card and see what happens!

5.  Biltmore Fashion Park:  If you’re looking for swanky, this is your best option for a mall in the area.  It’s outdoors and features stores like Cartier.  It’s a tad quieter than the rest so if you’re looking for a calm shopping adventure, this is as good as it gets.

Happy shopping!