Scottsdale GolfYou just got the kids back to school or maybe you just got through sending them off to college. Maybe you don’t have kids but you’re feeling extra pressure at your job this September. It’s time for a vacation. Whether you only have a weekend or you have some vacation days you can take advantage of, a few days of relaxation can make a huge difference Here are the best reasons to vacation this Fall:

  • Golf: Phoenix has some great courses and it’s starting to cool down so pretty soon the weather will be perfect for golf.
  • Less Crowds: You’ve missed the summer rush. Less people means more relaxation.
  • The Weather: Especially in areas like the Southwest where the summer can be pretty harsh, Fall is an ideal time to visit.
  • You Didn’t Vacation Enough This Summer: Chances are you feel like you just didn’t get enough time to relax and spend with your friends and family. Maybe you didn’t take a vacation at all.
  • Vacation Homes: Especially this time of the year, they’re a great deal. Also, many are equipped with WIFI so if you can’t really get away from your work, take your laptop and do some work at your vacation home instead of at the office!
  • Cheaper Airfare: You can get a great deal this time of the year on airfare even if you’re travelling on the weekend. Even some high demand vacation destinations have deals in the Fall.
  • Less Traffic: Take a weekend road trip. There will be a lot less people on the road then you remember from over the summer.
  • The Wintertime Is Around The Corner: Before you know it, you’ll be packing up your bags and headed to Grandma’s house for Thanksgiving. You need a real vacation before gearing up for the winter!

Whether you vacationed or not this summer, chances are that you could use a break this Fall!