Working Vacation in ScottsdaleWhether you work from home or have a flexible job that you can take with you, being able to take a vacation when you want to can be a great perk. Of course, if you’re not getting paid vacation time, it can be important to be able to work while you’re on vacation. Here are some great reasons to choose a vacation home for your working vacation:

1. Productivity: If you’re working at home or at the office in the same spot everyday, you can get really burned out. A change of scenery might make all the difference in the world. Writers especially can benefit from being able to work in a different environment.

2. It’s Clean: If you work at home, you know that sometimes house cleaning can fall by the way side. Being able to work in a clean environment will give you a fresh perspective.

3. Vacation Homes: Many have the same amenities that your own home does (if not more). Westbrook offers a lot of homes that have WIFI as well as their own computer. You’re also able to use kitchen facilities and in many cases club house facilities so you won’t have to go far to take a break and relax.

4. You’re Too Busy For a Vacation: A working vacation can be a great compromise because giving up on professional opportunities and sacrificing rest and relaxation time. Maybe you only have an hour or two of work that you need to get done everyday, but once you’re done, you can go have fun.

5. It’s Frugal: You can drop the guilt of spending money on a vacation because for one thing, you’re working on your vacation. Also, vacation homes can be a lot less expensive than hotels.

You don’t have to take your work with you on your vacation but it’s always nice to know that you have the option. Stay at a home away from home and you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of home while enjoying the benefits of a vacation.