Scottsdale is for KidsGoing on vacation with kids can be stressful. They get bored, they jump on beds, they puke. At the same time, going on a vacation with kids can be a blast. You get to see things through their eyes. Even if you’ve been to South Mountain 19,000 times, they haven’t and they get really excited. When you’re planning a family vacation, certain accommodations have to be made. Here are the top 10 reasons the vacation homes are kid friendly:

1. Feels More Like Home: Kids like stability. Vacation homes feel a lot more like home than hotels.

2. They’re Big: In a vacation home there is usually plenty of room for the kids to play in. Try playing Twister in the hotel. It probably won’t work very well.

3. Kitchen Facilities: Kids are notoriously picky eaters. They’re not always into fine dining and they many have allergies to gluten or nuts. Wouldn’t it be nice to cook an inexpensive, healthy meal in the vacation home that the kids will actually eat?

4. Location: Vacation homes are often located in areas that feel more like neighborhoods and communities. By staying in one, it’s less likely the kids will have to fall asleep to techno blasting and sirens blaring.

5. Privacy: If you have young kids, chances are you’re not going to want them to have their own hotel room but you may want a little privacy on your vacation. Vacation homes offer separate bedrooms.

6. Safety: Know that it’s safe to let the kids hang out in the house instead of a hotel lobby where strangers may be.

7. Less Expensive: Especially if you’re travelling with a lot of kids, getting enough hotel rooms for them can get really pricey. Renting a big house can really pay off.

8. The Great Outdoors: Many vacation homes have a yard that the kids can play in or a pool that the kids can hang out by.

9. Pet Friendly: If you’re able to bring the pets with you, the kids will feel more at home and have automatic friends to play with.

10. The Noise Factor: If your baby is crying in a hotel, chances are your neighbor will hear it loud and clear. If you’re in a vacation home, you have a whole house to block the noise so that your neighbors won’t hear.

Next time you’re planning a family vacation, consider renting a vacation home. The kids will love it and you will too!