It’s going to be that time of the year when family starts visiting. You’ve probably already gotten phone calls and emails from family members asking where Thanksgiving is. Panic is setting in.

Travelling far from home can be expensive but putting up cousin Eddie, your sons and their travelling circus of kids sounds like a chore you’re just not ready to take on. Vacation homes can work great for family visits.

If you’re in Phoenix and family is coming in to see you:

  • Hotels can be expensive, especially if your family is planning on staying for a week or two. They can also be uncomfortable.
  • Vacation rentals are affordable and comfortable to stay at not to mention that fact that your home won’t be invaded by screaming children and uncomfortable family discussions.
  • You won’t have to worry about cleaning out your closets and bringing out the rollaway bed from the garage. The vacation home will be clean and ready when they arrive.
  • You can go stay with them in the vacation home that they’re renting and feel like you’re on vacation too without having to travel.

If you are visiting family in Phoenix:

  • If you’ve been putting off visiting Aunt Agnes because you don’t want to fight with her 13 cats over the fold out couch, why not stay in a vacation home? Aunt Agnes will be thrilled.
  • Aunt Agnes is a little old school and  doesn’t have WIFI at her pad. You probably have a few emails you’d like to catch up on while you’re away. Many vacation homes have WIFI and even computers to use.
  • Your dogs may not get along with Aunt Agnes’ cats and you don’t want to leave them at home. Take them with you to your vacation rental. It’s the perfect excuse to give her when she insists that you stay with her.

Whether you’re planning on visiting family in Phoenix/Scottsdale or you live in Arizona and have family coming in, vacation homes can make family visits a lot easier.