Thanksgiving Dinner in ScottsdaleThanksgiving is about bringing the family together, eating a big fancy meal and of course drinking too much wine and letting your mother in law know how you really feel. Excited yet? One of the main dilemmas that you have probably have already encountered this year is where to have it. Here are 10 reasons to spend Thanksgiving in a vacation home:

1. You Won’t Have to Host it At Home: Does the thought of having eight people over to your house and being in charge of everything including the meal and acom0dations make you exhausted? Vacation homes will encourage everyone to pitch in so the heat is off.

2. You Won’t Have To Argue About Which Side of The Family To Spend It With: If you have a spouse let alone ex spouses, deciding which side to spend it with can get pretty stressful. There’s plenty of room for everyone to get together in one place in a vacation home.

3. Plenty of Room For Everyone: Imagine not having to tell Grandma to sleep on the couch in the living room with three kids on the floor. Many vacation homes are large enough for everyone to at least have a bed to sleep in and maybe even their own bedroom.

4. Full Kitchen: You at least have the option to cook a Thanksgiving meal, although having it catered isn’t a bad idea either.

5. Excuse For A Vacation: Going to a beautiful vacation home will feel a lot more like a vacation then going your cousin’s condo in the city.

6. You Won’t Have To Spend It In A Hotel: Have the destination Thanksgiving you’ve always dreamed of without having to book expensive hotel rooms.

7. It’s Easier To Find a Central Location: If your sister lives in Austin and you live in Sacramento, why not meet up in a Scottsdale vacation rental?

8. Everyone Can Split The Cost: Instead of taking on the financial burden of traveling to see everyone or having everyone over to eat your entire fridge full of food, everyone can chip in to rent a vacation home and buy groceries.

9. Neutral Territory: Sometimes going to Poughkeepsie to the same childhood home umpteenth times can bring bad some iffy memories. Create new ones with your family and friends in a vacation home.

10. Shopping: Black Friday is a huge part of the Thanksgiving experience. Rent a vacation home in an area that’s known for its shopping.

Get on the phone with your family and start planning a Thanksgiving in a vacation home!