PumpkinsTypically the desert isn’t the first place you think of when you think of pumpkin patches but the Phoenix/Scottsdale area has a lot of options when it comes to having a traditional Halloween experience. Here are the top 5 pumpkin patches in the area:

Schnepf Farms – Queen Creek: Located Southeast of the city, Schnepf Farms has a lot to offer throughout the seasons but October’s “Pumpkin and Chili Fest” is definitely the highlight of the year. Other than being able to pick out your own perfect pumpkin and get lost in a giant straw bale maze, you have your choice of activities for the $15 admission. Every Friday and Saturday there are fireworks and live entertainment. You can also ride a variety of rides like Arizona’s only gravity roller coaster.

Tolmachoff Farms: Their annual pumpkin patch pulls out all the stops with a petting zoo and a produce stand. On weekends, for those who like to get scared this time of the year, you can take a walk through their “Haunted Corn Maze: Field of Screams.” (What is it about corn that makes things so much scarier?) Those of you who like to play it safe can head through the mini corn maze or hang out in the play area.

Mother Nature’s Farm: If your birthday is in October, head down to their pumpkin patch October 9th or 10th and get free admission! They have a generous selection of pumpkins to choose from and a very traditional experience that includes corn mazes and the like.

MacDonald’s Ranch: Located right in Scottsdale, this is the closest place to home to get your pumpkins. Their pumpkin patch offers a traditional pumpkin patch experience but in true Scottsdale style, it also offers a Western golf game!

Phoenix has a distinct advantage of having a warm fall so it’s that much more enjoyable to enjoy the traditional pumpkin patch experience this month.