Scottsdale WeddingsWhen planning your big day, choosing the right location can be both stressful and exciting (much like a marriage). Your mom wants you to get married in the backyard, your fiance’s dad wants you two to get married on the beach and you two are about ready to run off to Vegas and elope. While it’s true that the marriage is more important than the wedding, you both deserve a day that you can remember for the rest of your life (and you won’t hear your mother in law complaining about for the rest of hers).

Here are some benefits to having a wedding in a vacation rental:

Accommodates Many People: Everyone starts out saying they want a small wedding but next thing you know, your co-worker’s cousin Sal is offended that he didn’t get an invitation and you can’t very well tell your Aunt Liz she’s not invited. Many vacation rentals can accommodate the entire wedding party and then some, not to mention the fact that you can book a few vacation rentals in the same area and divvy everyone up. Not everyone needs to be in the same hotel for an entire weekend.

Large Area: You can still have that backyard wedding — it just won’t be in fenced in backyard of a Peoria, Wisconsin row house. Many vacation rentals are located on ranches surrounded by beautiful scenery which is perfect for a wedding and/or wedding reception. Also, consider renting a vacation home that’s close to a country club.  They will be all set up to throw you a great wedding and you’ll be moments away from where you’re staying.

Destination Wedding: Vacation rentals are everywhere. Chances are that wherever you want to get married, you can find a vacation rental that will accommodate everyone. Especially if your family is from California and your fiance’s family is from Florida, it makes sense to bring everyone together in a central location.