Scottsdale RentalsNot everyone knows how amazing vacation rentals are and there are a lot of rumors going around about them. Here are the top 10 vacation rental misconceptions:

1. Only Rich People Stay In Them – On the contrary, many people who are looking to save a buck save in them because they can be a lot more affordable then hotels.

2. Not As Safe As Hotels - Instead of staying in a building with hundreds of people, stay in a locked home where only the people renting the home out to you will have access in case of emergency.

3. You Have To Clean Them Yourself – Of course, you shouldn’t hold huge keg parties and ruin the place that you’re staying in but vacation rental management companies have cleaning teams that come in. If you’re staying there for while, you my even be able to get them to come in during your stay.

4. You Can Only Rent Large Houses: There are plenty of 2 bedroom condos and houses that you can rent in many areas that would accommodate a small group of people.

5. They’re Only Available In Ritzy Resort Towns: Vacation rentals are all over the place in cities, small towns and rural areas.

6. They’re Only Available For Lengthy Stays: There are plenty of vacation rental companies that usually only require a minimum stay of three days.

7. They’re Expensive: Vacation rentals are as diverse as hotels with affordable and higher end options.

8. There’s No One On Duty If There Are Issues: Vacation rental managers will generally give you a contact number in case you need anything.

9. You Need A Large Group of People To Get One: While vacation rentals are perfect for large groups, they’re also great for individuals, couples and small groups. There are plenty of vacation rentals that are small and midsized.

10. They’re Out of The Way: Vacation rentals are often located right in the heart of the action and near plenty of things to do such as golfing.

Vacation rentals are affordable, diverse and located all over the place. Consider staying in one on your next trip out of town!