Reunite in ScottsdaleSo you have a big family event coming up soon. Your house is too small and who wants to worry about all of the clean-up? Vacation rentals help you economize your reunion planning and make your party affordable for both small and large groups.  Share the cost, share the space and have all of your events under one roof.

Here are just a few reasons why vacation rentals are ideal for your next family reunion.

1. It centralizes your destination. A lot of people will often consider resorts or hotels to host family reunions. The problem with this is that everyone is still polarized. The purpose of a reunion is togetherness. Letting yourselves be split up in a large resort defeats the family intent and inflates the cost.

2. It saves everyone money. The more rooms you book in a resort or hotel, the higher your cost will be – and there is no way for everyone to share the costs equally. With Westbrook Vacation Rentals, everyone can share the cost evenly and pick the destination that is suited to family size. Overall, it’s cheaper and it’s more intimate.

3. It reduces noise. Vacation rentals work for you like a second home. In a resort, you have your space (although it is limited), and you don’t get some of the amenities you take for granted at home: a kitchen, a large living room, and lots of space conducive to family celebrations.

4. It creates unique memories. Part of what makes vacation rentals ideal for family reunions is that your location is unique. Why sacrifice the memory of place for the memory of experience? Vacation rentals incorporate your location into your memories, and if you vacation this way once, you’ll never vacation again in the same way.

5. It gives you options. If you have a small family, book a smaller location. Or, if you want, book a larger location and give yourself some extra space. If you have a big family,you need space. You want everyone to be intimate, but you want some room to move around too. Depending on what part of the year you decide to go, your destinations options are veritably countless.

So why not consider a vacation rental? Make your next family reunion one that everyone will remember.