Symphony ViolinThere is no doubt that Arizona vacations are visually spectacular, but throw in a trip to the Phoenix Symphony and you can be sure that your ears will be delighted as well. This nearly sixty-five-year-old organization whispers sweet music into the air all around the greater Phoenix metropolitan area and most concerts are only a short drive from Westbrook Vacation Rentals. A performance from Arizona’s only full-time, professional orchestra makes for a well-deserved addition to any Scottsdale vacation itinerary, whether you’re a classical music aficionado or just a music lover.

It’s a common misconception that symphony performances are limited to elite listeners decked out in tuxedos, but this is far from the truth. Families might use a concert to introduce children to the world of classical music, or give them a glimpse of the possibilities opened up by playing in the school band. Busy working professionals can enjoy a moment of serenity in an auditorium as opposed to their fast paced lives. Amateur and former musicians can appreciate the mastery and discipline of their craft in the same way that a former high school football player might love to watch the NFL. Symphony performance can be a very personal experience and the traditions of business casual dress and silent attention are merely a sign of respect, not exclusivity.

Upcoming Events

Dec. 3-5th Home for the Holidays
Conductor Robert Moody gets you in the mood the holidays with upbeat, traditional favorites perfect for the whole family. Tickets start at $18.00.

Dec 9-19th Candlelight Messiah
With soft lighting and a classic European story told through a choir of voices at various churches and locations, these performances combine an artistic and religious experience. Ticket prices vary based on venue.

Dec 31st New Year’s Eve
Countdown to the end of 2010 with a touch of class as the Phoenix Symphony performs a few of their favorites – and yes, there will be champagne. Tickets start at $27.00

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