Scottsdale top CaterersWhile the sights, sounds and smells of a place contribute towards its particularity in your memory, it is the taste of a place that makes it fundamentally memorable (or forgettable). Chain restaurants are the same everywhere. If you choose a plastic vacation destination, you’ll invariably end up with colorless eating options. Hotel and resort continental breakfasts taste the same everywhere, and usually the one thing that varies with hotel room service is the price of the bill, not the quality of the food.

At Westbrook Vacation Rentals, we have many large and small Scottsdale vacation rentals that offer gourmet kitchens that guests and caterers love to cook in. Whether you’re planning a wedding, small gathering or just don’t feel like cooking, you can have an in-house caterer prepare gourmet hors d’oeuvres and main dishes for your family and friends.

Here are the top five caterers in Phoenix:

1. Jennifer’s Catering – For the past thirteen years, Jennifer’s Catering, has been providing Phoenix and  surrounding areas with some of the finest gourmet options. They cater to both large and small events and their prices are always affordable. In addition to providing excellent food and service, they can also help you decorate and customize your events to suit your particular needs. Try their grilled beef tenderloin brochettes – out of this world!

2. Fat Freddy’s Catering – Want something with a down-home feel? Try some of Fat Freddy’s fine fare for your family functions and it you’ll be glad you did. He does parties, small events, big events, and doesn’t trust a skinny cook.

3. Nibbler’s Catering -  At  Nibbler’s Catering, the motto is simple: “The Business of Food is Our Business.” They do corporate events, picnics, parties, and everything in between. They even do holiday parties so if you’re planning on spending the holidays in the Phoenix warmth, check them out.

4. SharkosSharkos has been catering all over the Phoenix area since 1976, and they’re still going strong. With experience and know-how, they can customize your menu  to fit your particular needs. Invite them into to your vacation rental home and have them cater your party. They’ll do all meals and even offer buffet options for bigger gatherings.

5. AJ’s Fine FoodsAJs Fine Foods does business with a do-it-yourself approach and offers you unique, gourmet eating options that you can’t find at too many places in the area. Fried Utah peaches, Turkish eggplant stew, Tuscan bruschetta loaves – they do it all. Plus, a lot of their recipes are listed on their website, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

As you plan for your upcoming vacation or special event, consider these providers of Phoenix’s finest foods. Good cuisine is what makes the difference between an ordinary vacation and a trip that you’ll remember for years to come.