Scottsdale loves petsIf you’re going on a pet friendly vacation, make sure the experience is fun as well as safe for your pet. Here are the top 5 ways to keep your pet safe on vacation.

1.) Keep them on a leash

It is important that you bring a leash and keep your pet on it. In fact, you should bring two leashes, in case you lose one. There are sure to be places you’ll go that require all animals to be on a leash. In addition, having your pet on a leash ensures that they won’t run away because of the unfamiliar area, and it will be much easier to keep an eye on them. The last thing you want is to lose your pet while on vacation.

2.) Make sure shots are current

If your pet gets sick on vacation, it can cause a lot of worry, take up a lot of time and get really expensive. This is why you must ensure all shots are up to date. In addition, find out about what shots your pet might need for the area you’re traveling to. Climates, illnesses and insects are different from state to state, call a local vet in the vacation area to find out about any shots your pet might need or anything you need to be aware of, such as an unusual amount of ticks.

3.) Bring your pet’s medications

Don’t forget your pet’s medication. When a pet is on vacation it can be a very jarring experience. Add pain and discomfort from an illness or condition and your pet can become really uncomfortable and unhappy. Pack their medications, so they can have a good time too.

4.) Bring a pet carrier/pet travel bag

Every state has its own ordinance and rules when it comes to pets and certain public situations, such as riding a bus, going to the mall, etc.  For this reason, it is important to have a pet carrier that you can place your pet in, if you need it, especially if you are going into a closed public area. You should also check with your hotel or your pet friendly vacation rental to find out what places you can bring your pets too.

5.) Bring something that reminds them off home

Bring your pet’s favorite toy with you. This can be a great relief and comfort when they are in an unfamiliar hotel room or space.

Taking your pet with you on vacation can be a great and safe experience. For pet friendly accommodations be sure to check out vacation homes in Phoenix. We offer many great pet friendly vacation rentals.