Luxury vacations don’t have to mean staying at a luxury hotel anymore. If you’re looking to lead the lifestyle of the rich and famous, even for only a few days, luxury vacation rentals can provide a great alternative to booking at a luxury hotel. Here are the top five reasons luxury vacation rentals beat luxury hotels:

  1. Private settingsAmenities: The amenities provided at a luxury hotel are rather insignificant compared to the amenities provided at a luxury vacation rental. The Nouveau iFlat, for example, provides you with a fully equipped kitchen, a private washer and dryer and books to read. When’s the last time you stayed in a hotel like that?
  2. Décor: The décor at a luxury vacation rental house is usually more modern than that at a hotel, and it’s also more personalized. So, unless the owner of the house you’re staying at has a thing for ugly, flowery comforters, you’re not going to be waking up to one. Also, at a hotel, the rooms are likely to be painted a safe beige tone with little color in the decorations or bedspreads, but at a luxury vacation rental house, you’ll find creative touches of color and ingenuity throughout the rooms. For example, the At Last….. luxury vacation rental house has splotches of color among neutral tones.
  3. Location: Most hotels are located in commercial areas, unlike luxury vacation rentals. When you stay at many luxury hotels, usually the classiest dining experience is either the ultra-expensive restaurant inside your hotel or a Cracker Barrel. All listings of luxury vacation rentals through Westbrook Vacation Rentals have a list of possible nearby attractions and activities with a yes or no answer if the house is located near enough to it. Many luxury vacation rental homes have all of the listed attractions nearby, such as the Downtown Delight home.
  4. Price: Believe it or not, the prices of most luxury vacation rentals are a lot lower than even the cheapest rooms at luxury hotels. For example, the Simply Savvy luxury vacation rental house through Westbrook Vacation Rental is available for $90-$215 per night, depending on the number of people staying. Meanwhile, a deluxe king bedroom for two at a luxury hotel would be around $160 per night.
  5. Privacy: Just about everyone who’s ever stayed in a hotel has had the unpleasant experience of a bad neighbor. Noisy doors opening and closing when you’re trying desperately to get some sleep, obnoxious children jumping on the beds and running through the hallways, dogs barking at the hotels that allow pets. When you stay at a luxury vacation rental house, you’ll have as much privacy as you would at your own home, maybe even more. If you’re willing to pay a little more per night, you can even get a house that isn’t part of a community, such as the Frank’s Modern Dream luxury vacation rental house through Westbrook Vacation Rentals.