Scottsdale Dog ParkIf you’re a dog lover, then Scottsdale is the place for you! Dog parks abound in the city, giving your dogs the chance to explore Scottsdale for themselves. If you’re traveling with your dog, it can sometimes be hard to find a place for them to exercise, which can lead to increased stress for your canine friend. Off-leash dog parks like Horizon Park are an increasingly popular option for pet owners, especially while traveling. Let your puppy interact with other dogs in the area while giving them an opportunity to exercise and have fun. Scottsdale has three major off-leash dog parks:

  • Horizon Park is a 2/3 acre area for your dog to enjoy. Horizon Park has a shade area, a doggy drinking fountain, and a push-button dust control feature that lets you enjoy your afternoon playtime without pesky dust. Horizon Park is open from dawn until dusk each day, and does not currently have lights installed.
  • Vista Del Camino off-leash park is a ½ acre replete with benches and shade trees to make you and your puppy’s playtime more enjoyable.
  • Chaparral Park is the largest of the three dog parks, encompassing four acres. It includes areas for passive dogs and active dogs, ensuring that your dog can enjoy the outdoors in his or her favorite fashion.

Dog park etiquette is simple to master. The main rule of dog park etiquette is to be courteous of other owners. Remember to clean up after your dog, including picking up all waste and removing all toys. Puppies should not come to the dog park until they have had all their vaccinations. Keeping your food or beverages out of the exercise area is also good dog park etiquette. Additionally, remember that your dog may behave differently around other dogs and humans. Keep a watchful eye on your dog to make sure they’re getting along well with others.

Traveling with pets can be challenging but also incredibly rewarding. Have you traveled with your pets? What are your favorite pet travel tips? Share below in the comments!