Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us, and what better way to celebrate than to take your honey on a romantic weekend getaway? Plus, Valentines Day deals often mean that you can get a lot more bang for your buck. Vacation rentals are an excellent choice for your Valentines Day travel for many reasons, including:

Romance in Scottsdale1. It’s like a home away from home. Instead of spending your romantic weekend cooped up in a tiny hotel room, take advantage of Valentines Day deals and get an entire house. Cuddle up on the couch in The Zen Den, or spend all day relaxing in bed at St. John’s Retreat.

2. Enjoy your privacy. Get away from the daily grind with Valentines day travel and reconnect with your significant other. You can spend time alone without worrying about the stress of daily life. Valentines Day deals can be your chance to get a private vacation rental like Dolce Villagio.

3. Private Kitchen – Having a private kitchen means you can cook a romantic dinner for two. Then, enjoy your meal in your own private dining room – don’t forget the candles. Check out The Sunrise Surprise for a truly fantastic kitchen. Vacation rentals often come equipped with a full professional kitchen, meaning you don’t have to lug pots and pans or worry that you forgot a spatula.

4. Atmosphere – Relax with your sweetie in the hot tub and let the bubbles and heat soothe away your stress or maybe a fireplaceis more up your alley. You can crank up the romance by curling up in front of the fireplace at Frank’s Modern Dream.

5.  Local Culture - Our vacation rentals are located near fantastic art galleries, bustling shopping areas and relaxing hiking trails. Amazing Valentines Day deals can give you access to hip and fun new areas. At Last… is centrally located, with plenty of options for getting out and exploring in style.

Vacation rentals provide many options outside of the typical hotel room. Think outside the box and surprise your sweetheart with romantic Valentines Day travel this year. Enjoying a cozy getaway and a great Valentines Day deal is easy when you book a vacation rental.