Scottsdale BeerArizona Beer Week is a great excuse for both residents and anyone looking to visit Scottsdale to experience seven days of happy, hoppy events. From February 19th through the 22nd the town will be flooded with everyone from expert brewers to your average beer advocate looking to educate you on the benefits of your frosty beverage. Book yourself a room with Westbrook Vacation Rentals for the perfect place to pass out after a long day of drinking.

1. There’s a beer for everybody. With tastings at various breweries and restaurants all week long, you’ll be hard pressed not to find a beer you like. In fact, you’re more likely to struggle to get the chance to taste them all!

2. Beer and food go hand in hand, literally. You certainly won’t be stuck drinking on an empty stomach. This beer fest is packed with paired foods that give new meaning to the idea of “double fisting.” Use your free hand to try Atlas Bistro’s Beer & Burger Special or Sweet Republic’s Beer & Ice Cream at one of the many tastings around Scottsdale all week long, ranging from fine dining experiences to happy hours.

3. Meet fellow beer enthusiasts. If your friends and family don’t know the difference between an IPA and the EPA, this can be your chance to find friends who share your enthusiasm. For single attendees it might even be a chance for a love-of-beer connection (although hopefully not one fueled by beer goggles).

Tickets to the kickoff event Arizona Strong Beer Fest are discounted if purchased in advance and some other events have limited space available. Check out the calendar of events to find those that peak your interest and ask your designated driver to pick you up at your Westbrook Vacation Rentals address. Finally, in the spirit of the industry, we would like to remind you to always drink responsibly.