Best Scottsdale MartiniVisit Scottsdale or downtown Phoenix to meet some of the mixologists who perfect the area’s signature martinis. Whether you’re searching for dirty martinis or martinis that resemble first-class desserts, look no future. Here are the best places in Phoenix to get caught with a martini in your hand.

Blue Martini Lounge. If the word “martini” appears in the bar’s name, the staff must know how to make mouthwatering cocktails. Stop by on a Monday night for $7 martinis and live band karaoke. Are you wondering what’s in the Blue Martini? It’s Van Gogh Blue Vodka, Citronge, Blue Curacao, sour mix, orange juice and is served with a glow stick. Other martinis found on the Blue Martini Lounge’s extensive martini menu include the Perfect Pear, 007 and Sex in the City.

Fez. FEZ, a hip American-Mediterranean restaurant in downtown Phoenix offers a martini menu that will satisfy almost anyone. Enjoy FEZ’s famous Pom-tini or Mojo-tini while sitting at the bar, lounge area or outdoor patio. If you have a sweet tooth,, or Mojo-tini while sitting at the bar, lounge area or outdoor patio. If you have a sweet tooth, try one of its rich dessert inspired martinis. Afterward, spend the night at one of the Westbrook vacation rentals in town.

AZ88. Visit Scottsdale, just east of downtown Phoenix, for “The Definitive cocktail,” as stated in an ode to the martini on the restaurant’s website. Try the Caramel Apple Martini or a Grey Goose dirty martini, complete with bleu cheese-stuffed olives. Drinks can be enjoyed inside of the fashionable restaurant, or on the patio that overlooks
Scottsdale Fashion Square.

MercBar. Drink alongside some of Phoenix’s professional athletes and well-known socialites at MercBar. The sophisticated bar is a perfect setting for a date or a private party. Some of its signature martinis include Mr. Moonlight, Sexy Sadie and Blackbird. No matter what you’re craving in your martini glass, the bartenders will be happy to make whatever you request.

Now you know the best places to quench your martini thirst if you’re in to visit Scottsdale or Phoenix. If you think you’ll be out late, don’t forget to book one of the Westbrook Vacation Rentals. Relax in one of Westbrook vacation rentals whenever you’re in Arizona to visit Scottsdale or Phoenix.