Step aside, tiny hotel rooms – luxury vacation rentals are here to stay! For about the same price as a boxy, tiny hotel room, you can have an entire AZ condo or luxury vacation rental all to yourself. Of course, you’ll want to take advantage of all the space and freedom you’ll have.

Here are the top 10 ways you can take advantage of your vacation rental:

1. Cuddle on the couch. With an entire living room to yourself, you’ll want to stretch out – but it can be just as fun to cuddle with your sweetie while watching your favorite movie on TV.

2. Pour yourself a drink. Want a nice glass of white wine? Unlike hotel rooms where you have to pay just to store you own items in the mini fridge, you’ll have use of an entire full-size fridge. So stock up on cold beverages when you rent an AZ condo this summer.

3. Cook a gourmet meal. You’ll have a full kitchen to yourself, so why not take advantage of it by cooking a gourmet meal? Brush up on your skills and break out the pots and pans for a fun night of cooking. Sure, you can cook in a hotel room – if you like ramen.

4. Play hide and seek. With all the rooms you have, why not enjoy a nice game of hide and seek with the kids? Everyone will have plenty of places to hide, because you’ll have the entire AZ condo or house to yourself.

Scottsdale Living Rooms5. Pump up the volume. Crank up the stereo and dance to your favorite tunes. Without the thin walls of a hotel room, you can be as loud as you want. Bonus: You don’t have to hear the neighbors’ every word when you’re trying to sleep.

6. Do a craft project. Round up the kids for a fun craft project at the kitchen table. You won’t have to worry about stepping around them for the rest of the day, since you’ll have plenty of space to work.

7. Watch the sun set. Take a step out onto your private deck or porch with that glass of white wine and see the sun set over the beautiful Sonoran desert.

8. Play fetch with Fido. That’s right, most of our luxury vacation rentals let you bring the whole family along, even your dog! You can enjoy a game of fetch with your puppy in the yard, or visit one of Scottsdale’s great dog parks.

9. Have friends over. If you met another awesome couple earlier in the day, or have friends in Phoenix already, now you can invite them over for dinner and board games without being embarrassed at your tiny hotel room.

10. Unpack. Forget living out of a suitcase – make yourself at home, because you’ll never want to leave! A luxury vacation rental gives you space to unpack and spread out on your next vacation. Next time you’re staying at an AZ condo or vacation rental, remember to take full advantage of it. Boxy hotel rooms may have their place, but why get a tiny room when you can have a whole house or condo?