If sitting back, sipping a margarita and soaking up the sun on the golf course isn’t really your idea of a great Scottsdale vacation, there are plenty of other options here in Phoenix. We’ve come up with a list of Scottsdale attractions does not involve breaking out the golf clubs or the tequila. Here are a few to put on your itinerary for the next time you visit Scottsdale:

  • Ostrich Festival.If you’re looking to chow down on the leg of an exotic bird while seeing a pig race, then the 23rd Annual Ostrich Festival is for you. This festival, happening from March 11th through the 13th,  combines the titular ostrich races with other fun events, from a pig race to a Wild West dog show. You can also catch medieval jousting and the annual Ostrich Parade while listening to a lineup of Phoenix’s premiere live music bands in Tumbleweed Park.
  • Ostrich FestivalOld Tucson Studios.Next time you visit Scottsdale, take a daytrip out to Old Tucson studios. This storied movie studio is known as the “Hollywood of the Wild West,” and has been the location for many famous old Westerns. It also offers wild west entertainment, from choreographed gun fights to a live can-can show.
  • Hotel San Carlos. Known as the state’s first air conditioned hotel, the building is one of the most historic places in the area. Through the years, many Hollywood stars have stayed and played at Hotel San Carlos, leading to the creation of the Star Walk in 1993 to commemorate the stars who frequented the hotel. Many ghost sightings have happened at the hotel throughout the years, both by staff and guests.
  • Mystery Castle. Located just outside of Phoenix in the foothills of South Mountain, Mystery Castle is one of Phoenix’s many notable landmark houses. Although it’s no Taliesin West, it has a unique backstory and charming construction that make it a great place to visit and tell your friend’s back home about. Built from found objects and handmade bricks, the structure was built by Boyce Luther Gulley as an homage to his daughter Mary Lou.
  • Arizona Mineral and Mining Museum. Rocks can’t possibly be fun, right? Wrong! Rocks are cool at the Arizona Mineral and Mining Museum. From their exhibit of food made from stones (including an entire Thanksgiving dinner!) to an exhibit that lets you dig for your own rocks, this museum is one of many rockin’ Scottsdale attractions.


Next time you visit Scottsdale, check out one of these quirky Scottsdale attractions. You’re sure to have a blast at these off-the-wall places.