If you’re looking for something to do in the Phoenix area this April, there are many Scottsdale attractions to delight the senses and entertain the family. This April, you can go on beautiful desert sightseeing tours, learn to mix drinks with the best of them and purchase one-of-a-kind souvenirs from craftsmen.

If you’re going to be in Scottsdale this April, check out one of these Scottsdale attractions:

Scottsdale Butterfly ShowSpring Butterfly Exhibit. Imagine: you’re standing in a beautiful botanical garden listening to the soft whisper of wings as thousands of amazing butterflies surround you. This April, make sure you stop by the Spring Butterfly Exhibit at the Desert Botanical Garden. Although it’s open all year, you only have one chance to see the butterflies.
Balinese Gamelan Workshop. The exotic and fascinating gamelan is one of the most beautiful instruments. If you’ve always been intrigued by the gamelan or just want to learn to play a new instrument, stop by the Balinese Gamelan Workshop, running through mid-May.
Mixology 101. They say that learning to pour a good cocktail is both an indispensable skill and an art. Learn the ins and outs of making tasty beverages at Mixology 101, held at the Jade Bar.
Arizona Fine Art Expo. Artists from across the globe gather in one place at the Arizona Fine Art Expo. Take part in the auction, browse for high-end works of art or just relax with famous artists. Hurry, because this event ends April 3rd!
Scottsdale Culinary Expo. Gourmands, take note – the Scottsdale Culinary Expo is your chance to experience the best chefs and the best dishes of the area. In addition to traditional cooking, the Expo offers up the finest in chocolate and wine tastings.
Katsina Doll Marketplace. On April 2nd, you can experience the country’s biggest collection of Hopi katsina doll carvers – as well as purchase one for your own.
Arizona Cactus Blooms Adventure. One of the best Scottsdale attractions, you won’t want to miss this unique opportunity to see beautiful and elusive desert wildflowers and blooming cacti. Beautiful and bright clusters of flowers dot the desert landscape for a few short weeks each year, so don’t miss out!

When you’re planning a Scottsdale vacation, make sure you check out one or more of these unique April events in Scottsdale. You can experience once-in-a-lifetime events and see breathtaking sights – so book an Arizona vacation rental today so you don’t miss out!