Whether you’re looking to plan a family getaway or you want a romantic weekend without the kids, a vacation in AZ can be your ticket to fun and relaxation. Phoenix features some of the coolest festivals, most delicious restaurants and greenest golf courses in the country. If you’re considering a vacation in AZ, you should think about vacation home rentals instead of boxy (and expensive!) hotel rooms. Here’s why:

  1. More space. Vacation home rentals offer far more space than tiny hotel rooms. In addition to a room for everyone, you’ll have a private living room, dining room and kitchen. You’ll be able to relax and kick back on a big comfortable couch while the kids are playing in another room. Some vacation home rentals even feature spacious decks or patios.
  2. Close to attractions. Vacation home rentals are located all around the Phoenix and Scottsdale areas. You’ll be right in the middle of world-class shopping, dining and cultural events.
  3. Private Pools with Scottsdale Rental HomesGet out of the heat. It can get hot in Phoenix during the summer. If you’re thinking about a vacation in AZ, you’ll need to plan ahead for the weather to be hot and dry. Although there are plenty of indoor activities that will help you beat the heat, a vacation rental gives you more space to spread out and cool off. Many vacation home rentals even have pools, further helping you chill out this summer.
  4. Save money. If you want to save some cash on your next vacation in AZ, think about a vacation home rental. Some vacation rentals can start as low as $90 a night, such as Hidden Gem and Retro on the Metro. If you’re vacationing with a group of friends or family, this cost can be split to be much lower.
  5. Privacy. While hotel rooms can be nice, they don’t offer a whole lot of privacy. Not only do you have neighbors on either side of your room, but you also have to venture out into the hall any time you want to buy an over-priced soda from the vending machine. Vacation home rentals are private, helping you to feel more secure and at-home than in a boxy hotel room.

Summer in Phoenix can be fun and exciting. Make your vacation in AZ the trip of your dreams by booking a vacation rental next time you’re visiting Phoenix.