Workout buffs and avid gym-goers, just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you have to stop staying in shape. Vacations give you a chance to shake things up and get out of doing the same old workout routine. There are plenty of opportunities to get fit in Scottsdale, from amazing desert hikes to beautifully lush golf courses. The next time you visit Scottsdale, try some of these fun workout ideas:

1. McCormick Ranch Golf Club. Turn your Scottsdale trip into the ultimate golf vacation at the McCormick Ranch Golf Club. Featuring two championship courses and fantastic views, you’ll truly have the ultimate golf vacation here. You’ll get exercise from walking across the lush grounds, all while enjoying a game of golf.

2. South Mountain Park. Not ready for the ultimate golf vacation? How about a day spent wandering the mountainous trails of South Mountain Park? Located about 40 minutes from Scottsdale, it’s the nation’s largest city park and one of the largest urban parks in the world. Encompassing 25.5 square miles of natural desert vegetation, this park has many hiking trails that will get you out and about.

3. Bikram Yoga Institute. When you visit Scottsdale, you’ll already be in the heat of the desert. Why not crank it up by doing some Bikram yoga while you’re here? You’ll learn to perform various poses in a room heated to 105 degrees. The heat is said to help you detoxify while helping you to gain more flexibility. If you’re already a fan of Bikram yoga, you’ll enjoy visiting the Bikram Yoga Institute because it’s the first Bikram studio in Arizona.

Biking in Scottsdale4.Scottsdale Bike Paths. Get yourself on two wheels next time you visit Scottsdale and explore the many bike paths and trails in and around Scottsdale. The Scottsdale and Tempe areas are considered especially bike friendly, so hop on a bike and get going!

5. MacDonald’s Ranch. Come visit MacDonald’s Ranch and hop on a horse. They offer trail rides through the beautiful Sonoran desert, so you can experience a little bit of “Wild West” life while you visit Scottsdale. They accommodate single riders all the way up through very large parties, so grab the whole family for a horseback riding experience unlike any other.

Whenever you’re out and about on vacation, it can be easy to forget to stick to a workout. With these fun and fantastic workout ideas, you can explore beautiful Scottsdale, but still get in your daily exercise. Next time you visit Scottsdale, tour the city and get your workout done.