Emma StoneWhether they were born here or just spent a few years here, many famous people come from Phoenix. Next time you visit Scottsdale, maybe you’ll run into one of these famous Phoenix residents:

  1. Emma Stone. The lovely leading lady in Superbad and Easy A was born and raised in Scottsdale. After a particularly persuasive presentation, she convinced her mom to move with her to LA to jump start her acting career.
  2. Frank Lloyd Wright. The famous architect lived in Phoenix during the winter to escape from the cold of Wisconsin. Taliesin West, one of many famous Scottsdale attractions, was Wright’s drafting studio and home in the area.
  3. Stephanie Meyer. The Twilight author grew up in Phoenix along with her family. She used the city in her novels as the main character’s original home.
  4. Bret Michaels. This singer and television star is known for his TV show Rock of Love, as well as being the lead singer of the band Poison. Although he was born in Pennsylvania, he now calls Phoenix home.
  5. David Spade. David Spade, famed actor and comedian, is proud to live in Phoenix. In 2008, he donated $100,000 to help the local police purchase high-powered rifles.
  6. Wayne Gretzky. Known for his time as a hockey player, Gretzky didn’t just move to Phoenix, he bought their NHL team. The Phoenix Coyotes are one of many sports-related Scottsdale attractions. Although he no longer owns the team, he spent nine years as their owner and head coach.
  7. John McCain. United States Senator and former presidential candidate John McCain has made Phoenix his home – even though he was born at a naval base in Panama.
  8. Stevie Nicks. The Fleetwood Mac singer and solo artist was born in Phoenix. However, her father’s career meant that a young Stevie lived all across the Southwest. She makes sure to visit Scottsdale when she’s on tour.

When you visit Scottsdale or Phoenix, keep an eye out for one of the famous celebrities who hail from the Phoenix area. With so many famous actors, musicians and sports stars coming from Phoenix, you never know who you might see!