Shopping in ScottsdaleVacations are a great time to let loose, have fun and do a little Scottsdale shopping. From Fashion Square to the Scottsdale Mall, there are tons of options for shopping. You can find everything in Scottsdale, from high-end fashion to amazing bookstores – and beyond. Here are some of the best places for Scottsdale shopping:

  • Fashion Square. From Aveda to Williams-Sonoma, Fashion Square has it all. High-end luxury stores abound in this mall, which features Barney’s, Coach, Gucci and Louis Vuitton.
  • Downtown. Pick up a great souvenir or shop for books in Downtown Scottsdale. There are over 300 stores and 90 restaurants for all your Scottsdale shopping needs. Downtown Scottsdale is near Fashion Square, but it’s got stores and shopping all its own.
  • Old Town. Experience a piece of the wild west when you visit Old Town. From wooden sidewalks to historic candy stores, Old Town has something for everyone.
  • Scottsdale Waterfront. Directly across from Fashion Square lies the Scottsdale Waterfront. Although it may seem like a joke, the shopping at the Waterfront is serious. Borders, Urban Outfitters and Sur La Table all call the Waterfront home.
  • Scottsdale Mall. The Scottsdale Mall is a different kind of mall. It’s a luscious grassy open space that features many art pieces and a pond with swans. Just because it’s outdoors doesn’t mean you can’t shop – you can pick up fantastic paintings, sculptures and objets d’art at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art.
  • Kierland Commons. Located in Phoenix, the Kierland Commons takes Main Street to a whole new level. This cozy shopping plaza features retail stores and restaurants that you’re sure to love.
  • The Borgata. Get a taste of Italy in the middle of Scottsdale. The Borgata features charming cobblestone streets and specialty stores featuring the finest in local and international shopping and cuisine.
  • El Pedegral Festival Market Place. For a truly one-of-a-kind shopping experience, head to El Pedegral Festival Market Place. It’s home to art galleries, restaurants and local stores, and features Heard Museum North. You’ll love shopping in this desert oasis.

Next time you’re in Arizona, check out one of these fantastic Scottsdale shopping areas. You’re sure to find something for the whole family, and you’ll get to experience all the fun and fabulous things Scottsdale has to offer.