Scottsdale IronmanWhether you’re an elite athlete looking for a new way to show off your prowess or you want to see humans endure an amazing race, we have some travel news for you. The Ford Ironman is coming to Tempe, Arizona on Sunday, November 20, 2011. You’ll want to visit Scottsdale to see this absolutely incredible feat of strength and endurance.

An Ironman competition is the height of intensity and endurance. It’s a triathlon, so it has three legs – but it’s much more challenging than a normal three-legged race. Participants will visit Scottsdale to swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles and run 26.2 miles – all in less than 17 hours, and all in the middle of the desert.

The swim portion will take place in the Tempe Town Lake as participants complete a loop of the lake. Spectators can watch from the Mill Avenue Bridges to view the first leg of the race. After they emerge from the water, competitors will move on to a grueling bike ride through the Sonoran Desert. The bike course is best viewed from Mill Avenue and Rio Salado Parkway. Since the bike portion is done in three loops, spectators will have multiple opportunities to view the racers. Finally, the competitors will run around the Tempe Town Lake and Papago Park. There are plenty of places to watch from the streets and through the park to watch the participants.

If you need a break from watching highly trained athletes compete, you can visit the Ironman Village, which sells official merchandise and offers many other exhibitors. After the race, you can see the athletes reunited with their families after the grueling competition.

Competitors in the Tempe Ironman are competing for 65 slots in the Ford Ironman World Championship, held annually in Hawaii and televised around the world. The Ironman has been held in Hawaii since the 1970s, with qualifying races added as more competitors became interested in completing this highly physical challenge.

If you’re going to visit Scottsdale this fall, make sure you read up on travel news and check out the Ironman. It’s a great chance to see some of the world’s finest athletes competing in a highly challenging endurance race that tests the boundaries of their athleticism.