Although you’re more likely to think of Mexican food when you visit Scottsdale, don’t discount Chinese food as an option on your travels. From the typical to the unique, you’re sure to get your Chinese food fix at one of these great restaurants:

  1. Scottsdale Chinese FoodAsian Cafe Express. If you go to one Chinese restaurant when you visit Scottsdale, make it Asian Cafe Express. It’s off the beaten path and a little gritty, but what it lacks in style it makes up for in substance. The dining room may be sparse, but the traditional Cantonese food is only enhanced by the yelling chefs and unassuming décor.
  2. Tottie’s Asian Fusion. Although it’s not a Chinese restaurant per se, it’s the perfect place for you to feast on your travels. Tottie’s Asian Fusion is a little more upscale than some of the other places on this list, making it perfect for a nice family dinner out or even a business luncheon. While their cocktails get a lot of attention (and rightfully so!), it is the spicy cucumber salad that truly stands out. Next time you visit Scottsdale, visit Tottie’s Asian Fusion for a truly unique experience.
  3. Red House. New York City-style Chinese food in Scottsdale? You’d better believe it! Red House is one of the best places for Chinese food in the entire city. Expect fast service, cheap prices and good food. The hot and sour soup is particularly tasty, as is the orange chicken.
  4. Qwik Chinese. Behind the unassuming name lies a fantastic Chinese restaurant. If you want a casual dinner after your travels, this is the place. The lo mein and egg rolls are both standouts at this small restaurant.
  5. Joyful Chinese Dining. If you want fresh Chinese food to fuel your travels, then go to Joyful Chinese Dining. It’s one of the best places to grab Chinese when you visit Scottsdale. Everything in the restaurant is fresh, from the handmade chow mein noodles to the moo shu crepes.

Whether you’re looking for some truly unique Cantonese food or you just want the comfort of a plate of General Tso’s chicken, there are plenty of great places to get Chinese food when you visit Scottsdale. Make sure you stop by one (or all!) of these great places on your Arizona travels.