As you probably know, Man vs. Food is a television show that travels to different cities and conquers some of the most behemoth dishes in that area. When host Adam Richman visited Phoenix, he did not have his work cut out for him. He was pitted against three of the biggest, and most delicious, entrees our fair city has to offer.

  1. Scottsdale DelisChompie’s NY Style Delicatessen. The Travel Channel’s first stop was Chompie’s, located in the heart of Scottsdale, where Adam saw himself face to face with their most intimidating dish: one dozen famous Jewish sliders. Now sliders don’t normally make diners tremble with fear, but these were filled with tons of moist lean brisket, mini potato pancakes, and Jack cheese, all on huge challah rolls. And just to up the ante, they’re served with a side of brown gravy and homemade onion strings. That’s over 5 lbs. of girth.
  2. Los Reyes de la Torta. Next on the itinerary, the Travel Channel makes it way towards Sunnyslope to visit Los Reyes de la Torta, an authentic Mexican restaurant. Be sure to at least attempt their signature sandwich, the Torta Del Rey. It’s piled high with beans, avocado, eggs, melted cheese and five kinds of meat: ham, pork sirloin, breaded beef, sausage and chorizo.
  3. Alice Coopertown. Yes, you read that right. Alice Coopertown, a restaurant in the heart of Phoenix owned by none other than famous 80s rocker Alice Cooper. But don’t let this fact mask the true intensity of the food here. The Travel Channel stopped at this establishment to consume the infamous Big Unit Hot Dog. Try not to chuckle at the name as you stuff into your mouth a full pound of Vienna beef hotdog packed onto a 22 inch long baguette smothered in chili, cheese, bacon, jalapeño, grilled onions, relish and sauerkraut.

When traveling to Phoenix on your next vacation, be sure to stop at these three restaurants recommended by the Travel Channel’s Man vs. Food. Just be sure to pack an industrial sized bottle of antacid.