If you’re looking for amazing art to inspire and energize you, Scottsdaleartgalleries are a great option. Whether you swing by a gallery when you’re wandering through Old Town or you decide to dedicate an entire Scottsdaletrip to art, you’re sure to be amazed and awestruck by the variety of fantastic traditional and modern art. Next time you’re in Arizona, be sure to check out one of these Scottsdaleartgalleries:

  1. Scottsdale ArtFrench Designer Jeweler. If you’ve been looking for an amazing wearable piece of art, you’ll want to stop by French Designer Jeweler. The gallery features pieces from over twenty global designers and is described as “a collaboration of ideas, talents, passion and skill.”
  2. Bonner David Galleries. Bonner David is one of the area’s largest galleries, featuring a dual exhibition space. Whether you’re interested in traditional art or something a bit more modern, you can find it at Bonner David Galleries.
  3. Method Art. Are you tired of staring at sculptures from a distance? Would you rather get up close and personal with the art and its creator? At Method Art, you can immerse yourself in the open studio space and interact with the nine artists who have studio space in the gallery.
  4. Wilde Meyer Gallery. Wilde Meyer describes art as “a sensory experience,” and their gallery follows this philosophy. They offer a variety of shows that change fairly regularly, so you can enjoy a new featured artist on each Scottsdale trip you take. They focus on the Southwest and Arizona, so you’ll be able to get a unique perspective on the area.
  5. Ancient Light Gallery. One of the finest Scottsdale art galleries, you’ll want to be sure to visit it on your next Scottsdale trip. Cheyenne L. Rouse, the gallery owner and artist, not only takes gorgeous pictures that capture the spirit of the Southwest, she also leads photography tours around Scottsdale’s Old Town to help you take amazing souvenir photos.
  6. Colores by Wilde Meyer. An eclectic mix of art and antiques awaits you at Colores. Enjoy the colorful modern jewelry or the gorgeous Asian antiques, in addition to playful works by local artists.

Whether this is your first Scottsdale trip or you’re in the area regularly, you’ll want to stop by a gallery or two to view some amazing local and international art. Scottsdale’s galleries are internationally known – so don’t miss out!