At Westbrook Vacation Rentals, nothing but the best will do. Cutting-edge modernity meets the beautiful outdoors, and the results are stunning–especially when it comes to our panoramic views of Phoenix. Whether you are relaxing by the pool or partying on your rooftop deck, there’s always a breathtaking view right in your backyard. Here are 4 of the most amazing views Westbrook Vacation Rentals has to offer.


1. Star of the Desert. Enjoy the rustic majesty of Arizona’s mountainsides from your deck when you rent Westbrook’s Star of the Desert vacation destination. Let the mountains inspire you as the rocky visage rises up from the sandy horizon, laid out before a wide clear sky punctuated with stars. And when you’re not enjoying that dramatic view, take a dip in the private pool or grill out with the built-in deluxe barbeque.

2. The Northshore. Imagine standing on your balcony, gazing at the vast expanse of Tempe Town Lake directly below you. Inhale the fresh air as your hair is ruffled by the gentle breeze emanating from the lake. Does this sound too good to be true? Well it most certainly is not, for all this can be yours with The Northshore Condos. Enjoy pastoral scenery without sacrificing any of the convenience.

3. The Urban Penthouse. Welcome to the Penthouse, where first-class luxury and the convenience of city living converge to create an urban paradise.  The 3,000 square feet of unparalleled splendor includes a billiards table, contemporarily designed fitness center and entertainment lounge. All of this is nothing compared to the rooftop pool, which affords a 360 degree view of downtown Phoenix. You are literally a stone’s throw away from upscale retail shopping, world-renowned dining and even enjoy a round of golf, just minutes from your front door.

4. Sunrise Surprise. The name says it all. There’s nothing like waking up in the morning and walking out onto the deck to bask in an awe-inspiring sunrise gleaming behind grand mountains. Situated on a private 3-acre tract in Scottsdale, the view from the back deck is nothing short of amazing. Not only does this property boast a view to die for, but also includes such modern amenities as a state-of-the-art kitchen, a pool with two outdoor showers, and deluxe entertainment center. Oh, and did we mention the soaring mountain views from every window?

Westbrook Vacation Rentals boast some of the most beautiful views, not only outside with Arizona’s breathtaking array of scenery, but inside too, with our luxurious custom designed properties. Be sure to check one out today on our website.