Golf bag and clubs When someone says “Scottsdale attractions,” it’s almost impossible not to think of golf. Surrounded by breathtaking courses, Scottsdale is ideal for your ultimate golf vacation. We’ve already covered the best courses and how to save money playing them, but we have yet to mention other golf-related attractions. So for all you golf fanatics, check out this list of 3 intriguing Scottsdale attractions to complete your ultimate golf vacation.

1. In Celebration of Golf. One part golf museum, one part golf art-gallery, and one part upscale golf retailer, this is an essential stop for your ultimate golf vacation. In Celebration of Golf is like a dream for golf enthusiasts the world over. You can browse, and even purchase, tons of golf memorabilia ranging like signed photographs and vintage framed paintings from decades past. The best part is, you can also play an 18 hole round of virtual reality golf. While it may not beat the real thing, it sure is fun!

2. TCP Scottsdale. One of the most renowned golf courses in the world, this is a must see Scottsdale attraction in your ultimate golf vacation . Walking the fairways instantly conjures images of the greats, like Arnold Palmer and Tiger Woods. Built in 1986, this relatively new course boasts cutting edge golf design that will make an avid golfer drool. The author has spent many hours playing this level on the popular Tiger Woods video games, and now if you visit Scottsdale, you can have a chance to tee off at this legendary course.

3. PGA Tour Super Store. Not only does this next Scottsdale attraction rhyme, but it also happens to be the worlds largest golf retailer in the world. Now with eleven locations around the USA, Phoenix had the distinct pleasure of being the first city to have a PGA Super Store. If you plan on hitting the links in Scottsdale, this should probably be your first stop on your ultimate golf vacation.

With so many fantastic golf courses in the  area, it’s no wonder there are also many interesting golf-related Scottsdale attractions, too. In fact, Westbrook Vacation Rentals are the ultimate golf related Scottsdale attraction, since we have a number of beautiful rentals within a stone’s throw of various golf courses. Visit our website to browse a rental today, so you can embark on your very own ultimate golf vacation.