When on your Scottsdale trip, it’s wonderful to dine out and enjoy a fancy cocktail at one of the city’s classier establishments. But sometimes we all get homesick and yearn for our favorite dive bar from back home. Well, you’re in luck, because the great thing about dive bars is that they are virtually indistinguishable from one another. Or so you thought! These dives may be cheap and low-key, but they each have their own unique flair. So when you just want to kick back and enjoy a brewski at a hole in the wall reminiscent of one back home, refer to this handy list of 4 dive bars in the city of Scottsdale

  1. Scottsdale Dive BarsT.T Roadhouse. Famous for its jukebox full of old punk rock classics, this fabulously skeezy dive is the perfect spot to unwind after a long day of Scottsdale sightseeing. Leave the wayfarers and dock shoes at home, less you endure sideways glances from the local bikers.
  2. Rogue Bar. Renowned for perhaps the longest happy hour in the world (6 A.M. to 8 P.M), Rogue Bar just may be too cheap for your own good. Boasting $2.50 domestic and well drinks, it may be difficult to resist at least one day-long bender during your Scottsdale trip.
  3. Time Out Lounge. Located in Phoenix, right outside the city of Scottsdale, Time Out Lounge is a great place to get your game on. It’s loaded with pool tables, dartboards and a pinball machine. Tilt!
  4. Coach House. The self-proclaimed oldest bar in the city of Scottsdale can probably be seen from space, thanks to its delightful array of Christmas lights covering every inch of the exterior. This is a must-see dive bar for your Scottsdale trip.

Next time you’re on vacation in the city of Scottsdale, stop by one of these dive bars to have your very own ‘Cheers’ moment.  Unlike the upscale bars that people visit on their Scottsdale vacations, these area dive bars boast an aura unlike any other: familiar, yet other worldly. Free from the pretension associated with swanky upscale bars, these 4 dives will be a welcomed change of pace during your Scottsdale trip.