Some people love packing and some people hate it, but when you travel to the city of Scottsdale this year, your packing skills can make or break your trip. Were you in a rush? Did you pack the right clothes? Did you forget something really important? Hey, even the most experienced traveler can slip up sometimes, but there’s just no reason for chaos and unmet needs to be a part of your Arizona vacation. Here are five tips to make preparing for your visit to the city of Scottsdale a whole lot easier.

  1. Pack for the weather - In Phoenix and Scottsdale, the average temperature in April is about 73, though your average lows will hover around 60, and you’ll see highs in the 80s. With temperatures like that, you don’t want to be stuck with nothing but jeans and sweatshirts for your entire trip. Bring ‘em, but also remember your shorts when you visit Scottsdale! It’s springtime in the desert, after all.
  1. Remember the sunscreen - April in the city of Scottsdale is a sunny time – about 89% sunny, actually. If you use a particular kind of sunscreen, bring it – or buy some when you arrive. You’ll appreciate the protection during outdoor activities, and you certainly won’t miss those raw, painful sunburns. You’re not as dumb as these guys, are you?
  1. Don’t overpack – or underpack. If you’re visiting the city of Scottsdale for a weekend trip, you don’t want to bring a gigantic suitcase filled with clothes. Likewise, if you’re visiting for an extended time, don’t cram everything into a carry-on bag. Packing for trip length is crucial. Bringing too much “stuff” is needlessly expensive, and it can actually cause stress. Pack too little, on the other hand, and you’ll find yourself shopping for things you already own back home.
  1. Leave some space - For some reason, your belongings always seem to take up more room on the way home than on the way there. Leave some extra space if you’re planning to buy souvenirs, or if you don’t fancy cramming everything back in as neatly as you did for the trip out.
  1. Create a checklist - It sounds silly now, but you don’t want to arrive at your destination lacking something you need, and you don’t want to arrive home without something you brought. Make a checklist on both ends of your trip. Checklists account for jewelry, prescription medicines, cell phone chargers and anything else that’s important to you. What they give you, more than anything else, is peace of mind.

Above it all, you should listen to your common sense when you’re packing. Don’t ignore that little part of your brain that’s telling you something is unnecessary. You want to enjoy yourself as much as you possibly can when you visit Scottsdale, so bring what you need, leave behind what you don’t, and most importantly, think ahead!