The city of Scottsdale sees New York’s Saturday Night Live and raises it a Lit Lounge. Only a few weeks after SNL wrapped its 37th season with Mick Jagger as host, Lit Lounge premiers in Scottsdale on Friday, June 22nd at 7 p.m. at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art Lounge. Visit Scottsdale in June and you’ll have first crack seeing this unique, SNL-ish performance. Some of America’s most talented writers will tell stories – true stories – and the whole evening is tied together with live music. Tickets are $10.

The Storytellers

Beth Lisick is a San Francisco-based writer whose books include the New York Times bestselling comic memoir “Everybody Into the Pool” and the self-help manifesto “Helping Me Help Myself.” She’s a seasoned stage performer, too, having toured the U.S. and Europe. Lisick does a little bit of everything, and she’ll no doubt do it all for Lit Lounge.

Beth won’t be alone up there. Leslie Barton is best known for her stand-up comedy. Ken Blackburn manages a securities firm in the city of Scottsdale and writes creative nonfiction. The poetry and stories of Jo Robbins have been seen and heard at venues across Los Angeles, and Michael Weakley is a storyteller who’s well-known in the Phoenix area. They’ll all be showing off their storytelling talents together at Lit Lounge. It promises to be a unique performance, and if you visit Scottsdale in June you’ll have the chance to experience it first.

The Musicians

While more than one of the aforementioned storytellers also boasts musical talent, it’s another familiar Phoenix name that will be providing the live music for Lit Lounge. Doug Bale, who has played his original music in the area for years, provides the musical backdrop for the evening.

It ain’t New York, and the cast isn’t full of names you’ll immediately recognize, but Lit Lounge is most definitely a collection of talented artists doing what they do best. It’s happening for the first time ever in the city of Scottsdale, and if there’s one thing a show like this needs, it’s a live, keyed-up audience. That means you. Oh yeah – and when the show ends, you’ll find yourself conveniently seated within an awesome museum.