Live music isn’t hard to find when you visit Scottsdale, but it’s extra cool when your trip lines up with an A-list concert. You know, like a show by Sean Paul. In this case, the concert venue also doubles as a casino, so your decision to hit the city of Scottsdale in July turns out to have been a fantastic move. Nice work!

Sean Paul, the Jamaican-born Grammy-winning reggae artist, will be in the Scottsdale area on Friday, July 20. Ticket prices vary, but you’ll have a chance to come out ahead no matter how much you spend at the actual concert. In other words, go ahead and roll the dice if you’re up for a little gambling. Just do it responsibly, of course! The show takes place at the Radisson Fort McDowell Resort and Casino –  and, yes, that means all the stuff you’re thinking.

If you’re a sucker for the slot machines, you’re covered. If you were hoping that you could visit Scottsdale and enroll yourself in a poker tournament, you’re in luck (or maybe not). Bingo and keno fans will also be happy campers. It’s all a gamble, of course, but it’s available before, during, and after the show. Just try not to forget that the concert starts at 8:00, and Sean isn’t going to wait for you to break even.

The concert also doubles down on your chance to listen to reggae: Black Uhuru will make an appearance as well. These guys started jamming in Kingston way back in ’72. They too have a Grammy, and they, together with Sean, will transform the city of Scottsdale  – or at least a venue-sized parcel of it – into something like Jamaica for a night.

Perhaps it was just good luck, but your decision to visit Scottsdale in July means you’ve got a chance to see some fabulous artists this time around. And if good luck does explain it, perhaps you can put it to work on the casino floor right before you take in a truly amazing show. Doors open at 6 p.m. on Friday at the Radisson Fort McDowell Resort and Casino. Tickets are on sale now, and prices vary.