Following the success of last year’s festival, Frank Maguire & Associates have decided to bring ArtFest of Fifth Avenue back to the city of Scottsdale for 2012. The festival, which will again be hosted in the city’s most unique shopping district, will feature 100 artists from around the country as well as food, music and vendors from local Scottsdale art galleries. If you’re looking for a creative way to spend the weekend of October 19, this is definitely the place to be. Here are a just a few of the artists you won’t want to miss.

  • Mark Jimenez – Booth 126. After 31 years of making jewelry, Mark Jimenez has developed a unique way of crafting metal. The silver-and-stone necklaces, rings and bangles he creates are timeless but futuristic, modern but with a clear Southwestern Native American influence. His work, which has won numerous awards and has been featured in Southwest Magazine, is already a big hit in the city of Scottsdale.
  • Ariela Boronat – Booth 140. Ariela Boronat looks to both nature and geometry when seeking inspiration for her lovely, abstract works of art. The Santa Fe resident, who was born in Cuba, often plays with color and perspective to craft paintings that seem both chaotic and orderly at once. Don’t be surprised to see her work pop up in several Scottsdale art galleries after ArtFest is over.
  • Neal Greene – Booth 156. It’s hard to define the art of Neal Greene. Part sculpture, part painting, his colorful gourd wall hangings literally jump out of the frame at you. The addition of gleaming copper elements – such as arrows and flowing water – gives his Native American-inspired work a liquid, contemporary feel.

ArtFest of Fifth Avenue was one of the most popular events in the city of Scottsdale last year, and this year it promises to be even better. So clear some space on your wall and come to Scottsdale to see what Frank Maguire & Associates have put together. When you see all of the amazing art on display here, you’ll have to splurge on something.