If you want to experience the craziest, tastiest, biggest taco challenge America has to offer, drop what you’re doing and prepare to visit Scottsdale. On October 20 and 21, the city of Scottsdale will host the world famous Arizona Taco Festival, where more than 50 taco teams will throw tortillas down for the crown in what promises to be the wildest weekend in Scottsdale dining history. Here are just a few things you have to look forward to.

  • The Tacos. If you love tacos, this is your Shangri-La, because at the Arizona Taco Festival you can have this classic Mexican food any way you can imagine. There will be street tacos, fish tacos, gourmet tacos, hot tacos, huge tacos, award-winning tacos and a few types of tacos you’ve never even heard of before. This is Scottsdale dining at its finest, especially considering that each taco will only cost $2.
  • Lucha Libre Wrestling! The Arizona Taco Festival’s famous masked luchadors will make their dazzling return this October, providing festival-goers with one of the most thrilling displays of lucha libre wrestling this side of the border. Expect flying suplexes, turnbuckle backflips and some very colorful leotards.
  • The Tequila Expo. What good is an award-winning taco without some quality tequila to wash it down? Over 100 types of tequila will be represented at the Taco Festival’s renowned Tequila Expo, giving connoisseurs yet another good reason to visit Scottsdale. The cost is $20 for admission and ten samples.

These are just a few of the reasons you absolutely must drop by the Arizona Taco Festival when you visit Scottsdale this October. Of course, there’ll also be a mariachi contest, a flair bartending challenge, an awful taco challenge and more. It should be one of the most memorable events of the year, but don’t take our word for it. Book a flight to Scottsdale this October and experience the craziness yourself!