Fall is a great time for Scottsdale attractions, but no attraction is more elegant than a certain horse show put on by The Arabian Horse Association of Arizona. The Arabian Breeder Finals, which takes place from October 10th through the 13th, is one of the most prestigious breeding showcases in the country, and it attracts many of the world’s top breeders and stallions. Here are a few things you can look forward to seeing at this year’s event.

  • The New Classes. Though the horse show is one of the largest in the country already, there are several new competitions on the 2012 program this year. There are now amateur categories for all of the big titles as well as a brand-new “Breeder’s Club” category, which is open to the foals and fillies of the AHAA’s Breeder’s Club.
  • The Shopping. The ABF isn’t just one of the best Scottsdale attractions to visit this fall – it’s a great place to buy supplies for your horses back home as well. Dozens of vendors will be in attendance, including The Arabian Saddle Company, Bennett Fine Jewelers and Imperial Trailers. If you want to peruse the finest equestrian goods Arizona has to offer, this is definitely the place to be.
  • The Champions. The big payoff at the show? It’s got to be witnessing the crowning of a champion horse. The horses that are declared champions at the end of the Arabian Breeder Finals will reign as the finest creatures on four legs for the next year. With more than $90,000 in prize money up for grabs this year, you can be sure that the competition for the titles will be fierce.

If sports history had gone a different way and the horse show, not baseball, had always been America’s pastime, then the Arabian Breeder Finals would be the World Series. Don’t miss out on this chance to see the finest Arabian stallions in the world. Book your Arizona vacation today and prepare to experience a thrilling and elegant competition unlike any other.