Packed parking lots, screaming children and sales galore will be plaguing Scottsdale shopping again this Black Friday. But who wants to deal with big-box chaos and endless lines after a long day of gluttony and grandparents? If you’re giving thanks in Scottsdale this year, do your Black Friday shopping at the Scottsdale Marketplace, an indoor antique market that boasts 38 showrooms. While the Scottsdale mall may have cheap shoes and even cheaper Chinese food, Scottsdale Marketplace offers a unique day of Scottsdale shopping and the chance to find the perfect gifts for those three hard-to-shop-for relatives.

  • The Rich Aunt Who Has Everything. She may already have a Tiffany lamp and a bear skin rug, but Tic Tac Toe in showroom 777 just might have an Art Deco mirror that would tickle her fancy. This vendor sells eclectic home furnishings from the post-WWII era that will please the most discriminating Scottsdale residents and visitors.
  • The Weird Nephew. Everyone is surprised when he leaves his mother’s basement every Christmas, so you’ve got just this one shot to brighten up your nephew’s cave walls with the perfect piece of folk art. Check out Discoveries in showroom number 7 for unique gifts like Mexican mercury glass and mounted animal horns. You’d never find treasures like these at the Scottsdale mall.
  • The Hardest of Them All – Dad. He doesn’t want another necktie. Instead, surprise your dad with a vintage neon Budweiser sign that reminds him of the good ol’ days. The Steampunk Atrium in showroom 54 will delight you with retro treasures and whimsical wares after a long day of Scottsdale shopping.

If you’re looking to close out your Thanksgiving stay with a little Scottsdale shopping on Black Friday, avoid the mall madness and visit the Scottsdale Marketplace instead. You can’t choose your family, but you can choose their gifts – and do you really want to give ‘em something ordinary again this year? You might as well just hand out fruitcakes.