The city of Scottsdale really does offer something for everyone, from golfers and art fans to sun worshippers and … jumping enthusiasts? That’s right. When you visit Scottsdale, you can break the bonds of earth, if only briefly, at AZAirtime. That’s because this 25,000-square-foot facility is filled with trampolines.

AZ Air TimeThere are separate jump areas for different ages, so young and old alike can bounce through the space free of worry. Your 36-year-old husband and your two-year-old son can bounce to their heart’s content without smashing into one another and ending up with broken limbs. Twelve bucks buys you one hour of jump-around bliss during the weekend primetime, but depending on the size and age range of your party (as well as which day you visit), the price may be significantly lower. Be forewarned, though. One hour in this big, bouncy wonderland may not be enough.

Anything is possible in the main room, where you’ve got 5,000 square feet of trampoline floor and walls to work with. Always wanted to dunk a basketball? No problem – play a game of ball on the trampoline court and hang from the rim. Long to nail a standing back flip? Try three in a row. Wish working out could be fun? When you visit Scottsdale, it is: AZAirTime offers adult exercise classes, touting trampolining as a low-impact, aerobic exercise. And, should you tire of plain old jumping, you can take a flying leap into the vast depths of a foam pit to satisfy cartoon fantasies of swimming through clouds.

Trained safety monitors supervise as you experiment with tricks you’d never try at the public swimming pool. Alternatively, if you’ve got work to do, you can leave the tricks to the kids while you take advantage of the free Wi-Fi. Best of all, AZAirTime can be reserved for private parties, which means your corporate retreat just got a whole lot cooler.

Though working yourself into a lather in the name of fun tends to lose its appeal at a certain age, the city of Scottsdale will change your mind. Soaring through the air at AZAirtime will make you forget everything but the sheer delight of play, so put your iPhone away and step away from your computer screen. Relaxation through recreation is only a hop, skip, and a jump away when you come to the city of Scottsdale.