If you plan on visiting the city of Scottsdale and love exploring the culinary landscape of each town you visit, you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you check out the grub that your vacation in AZ has to offer. Lucky for you, the West’s Most Western Town gives its visitors a little taste of everything when it comes to food and drink.

Arizona Food Tours will guide you and your ‘buds through Scottsdale on an entertaining trip that will fill you up and introduce you to great locations around town that you might otherwise miss. Local tour guides lead walking tours through restaurants and specialty shops downtown. Plus, the purchase price includes all the tastes along the way. Expect to experience Old West-inspired flavors, coal-fired pizzas, Thai foods, alcohol-infused ice creams, rich wines and more. Each tour visits approximately six locations, and the food and drink should be enough for a filling lunch. The food will be fantastic, but the tour offers much more than just the samplings.

The company recommends booking the tour early in your visit, as tour guides are happy to answer questions and give suggestions about must-do activities in the city of Scottsdale and the surrounding area. Each tour educates visitors about the history of Scottsdale and how it has transformed since its frontier days – satisfying the hunger for knowledge while feeding you food.

Taking a food tour while you visit the city of Scottsdale might introduce you to a new favorite restaurant that you’ll stop at every time you visit Scottsdale from this trip forward. When your friends wonder why you’re taking your vacation in AZ, you can tell them that you haven’t had a slice of pizza like the one you can only get in downtown Scottsdale.

Arizona Food Tours proudly states the motto, “Come hungry and ready for a fun time.” Who can argue with a philosophy like that? With a few different tours available for both lunch and dinner, you may even feel inspired to treat yourself to more than one round. When you choose to take your vacation in AZ, you deserve the best that the city of Scottsdale has to offer, and Arizona Food Tours can let you in on a few little secrets.